Historic museum building offers unique consolation prize

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Successful dig at Fort Tombecbe!

Successful dig at Fort Tombecbe!

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The Black Belt Museum


The Black Belt Museum is an emerging regional museum sponsored by the University of West Alabama. The museum is currently headquartered at Land Hall on the UWA campus and is in the process of renovating the former McMillan Bank building on the courthouse square in downtown Livingston for programs and exhibits.

Mission and Philosophy – The mission of the Black Belt Museum is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and interpret the landscape and rich history of the Black Belt of Alabama and Mississippi. The Black Belt Museum is dedicated to the idea that the Black Belt is a fascinating region with unique culture and geography, underserved by the disciplines of natural history, history and the humanities, and that it is well worthy of study and celebration.

Goals – The Museum will be a center for regional study, collections and public activities, with modern exhibits seen nowhere else in the Black Belt. It will be a place for community and civic meetings and an organized tours, explorations and events. In addition to long-term exhibits open on a daily basis, the Museum will welcome traveling exhibits in art, humanities, history, and science. The Museum will present regional and local exhibits on a regular basis.

What is the Black Belt?

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