Upcoming Collections

Until the museum building renovations are finished, the BBM is in a critical bind for storage space. For example, the museum recently renovated an 800 square-foot, climate-controlled art and archive storage area. It completely filled up – wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling – in less than a year. The 2012 archaeological dig at Ft. Tombecbe doubled our archaeological holdings. Our paleontologist is busy making casts of Alabama dinosaur bones and had to work at home this summer because we are out of laboratory space at UWA. We have accepted several additional donated collections, but cannot physically house them yet. We look forward to the refurbishment of the Truelove Place building in 2012 for museum labs and temporary storage.

Until the time that we can safely store new collections, we really haven’t yet put out the call for donations. Nevertheless, we would be glad to discuss the donation of historical items, natural history materials, and archives.

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